To be or not to be…….

I am a stay at home mother of two bright, beautiful and lovely kids. Been married for 18 years  to an extremely supportive and loving husband and I earn my pocket money by transcreating documentaries, animation series and movies from English to Hindi. As you can guess, on family front life is absolutely hunky dory ( touch wood , I remain the quintessential  typical woman).

But lately I have been wondering, is that all there  is to life, I am a bright, intelligent woman. cant I do something more productive with my life. I see all the career oriented women, with amazingly successful careers, mind you I am not comparing, I am grateful for each and every thing in my life, but still there is a vacuum… a need for that edge… which I know I  am capable of, but the question is how to get that edge.

What should I do which will not only interest me but would be worthy of my time and money. And I can think of no better way than writing, yes writing gives wings to my thoughts, my creativity, my emotions, my sorrows and my joys.

I have found my respite, but what about those thousands of other women like me, who are also looking for a change , looking for that one thread to hold on and wanting to do something really productive with their respective lives.

Girls, all I can say is never lose faith, be positive, you are all brave courageous beings who manage so much and are capable of managing much, much more . Just think deeply and find that one thing which gives you immense joy, be it a hobby or a career choice…but just go for it.

Believe, that its just a matter of time when you will see that first ray of sunshine, which will fill your lives with warmth and light.

Signing off.





what is the pressure all about…

My thirteen year old son, an eighth grader, his  final exams are going on , being the disciplined, responsible child he is,  I see him studying the whole day long. I am happy that he is focussed, but a little concerned that is he losing his joi de vivre in the process?

Are the kids of today so stressed out, that an eighth grade history paper will also move them to tears? In spite of being  intelligent, above average students, why cant  they have trust and faith on their preparation. Have they become so engrossed in scoring marks and good percentage that they have stopped seeing reason.

please understand that good marks are not everything, study should be such that it contributes to our growth and self enrichment.

I hope that you understand that the grades you get in high school will not determine your future. And most importantly , I pray that you realize that life has no dearth of opportunities, its important to be a good, compassionate human being first. people change their career even at the ripe age of 50, so where does a history paper fit in the bigger scheme of life.

Trust me kids. This is a time for you to have a fun filled, stress free life, I know marks and percentage are important, but I feel its more important to stay focussed. Ask any  successful adult , whether  he our she remembers what was their percentage in eighth grade, I can bet nobody does.

So enjoy this time, be focussed in life, spend time with your parents, and try to be  good , loving , compassionate human being , cause this is all which matters in the end. and still if you are feeling sad and hopeless then share your feelings with your parents, I am sure they will show you the right way.

In the end I would like to pen down a quote from my mentor Daisaku Ikeda, I quote “greatness as a human being is not determined by educational background or social position. A truly great person in one who can be a friend to those in suffering, pain and misery.Such a person can be called a leader of the new century” I unquote.





What is it all about…

I recently received a call from , you guessed it, a telecaller, as soon as I picked up she started, but this time it caught my attention because she was not selling anything. No she was telling me about a one year old child, suffering from blood cancer, whose parents had no money . I guessed where the conversation was leading to, so I told her that mine was a DND number, and she put her point across stating that she is not selling anything instead as I am a kind person she was asking for help, I told her I will need to verify her case before helping. And instead of politely giving me her  web site address, she insisted that I check the web site right away,I told her that as I was working at that time I will surely check it later, but she was not ready to listen . I had no option but to disconnect the phone, I am wondering, have I really deprived a sick child some kind of monetary help, and this was again another instance of telecaller doing what they do best . I wonder……